About the project


VTPC Bangalore

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Bangalore, Mysore


May 2019 - July 2019

Project Client : Visvesariya Trade and Promotion Centre (Govt) Bangalore Karnataka


Sanjukta Ghosh ( Professor)

Shipra Purohit ( Researcher)

Ganjifa Cards


Identifying Market Opportunity for GI cluster of  

Project aims at understanding the challenges opportunities and other factors influencing the trade and promotion of the Ganjifa cards(handicraft from Karnataka). 

Project Background 

Geographical indication(GI) is a tag given to  a product or a commodity which has originated from a particular region, due to its uniqueness. Once a product is GI tagged its value in the market is expected to increase. 

Ganjifa cards earned the status of GI tag in the year 2006. 


Visvesariya Trade Promotion Centre (VTPC ) is a government undertaking which works for promoting trade in Karnataka

Research Objective

Project started as an exploration  at understanding the challenges faced by the clusters in taking the art forward and popularizing it for a particular case of Ganjifa Cards of Mysore .

  • In depth understanding of the Cluster through qualitative research

  • Realize challenges faced by the cluster in production and promotion.

  • System mapping and stakeholder analysis to understand the ecosystem

Background study

Background study focused on the origin, history, forms of cards, process of making and the journey of Ganjifa Cards.


Interaction with Artists

Interview with Authorized Users, and artists to get a deeper understanding about the cluster. The interactions focused on details of the making process and the opportunities associated with production and promotion .

Ganjifa cards set , Artist : Vinutha

Ganjifa cards set , Artist : Sudha


Ganjifa cards set , Artist : Sudha

Ganjifa cards set , Artist :  Mamtha

Design Dialogue

Product ideas were introduced to the artists and they were asked about their views on each idea.The research method was adopted to initiate a conversation with the artists on bringing innovation in the current product and capture their feelings related to the future of the art.

This exercise received some interesting responses from the artists.



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System Analysis

After the in depth interviews and conversations with the artists, and going through a diagnosis of the system, few patterns were observed regarding the art and the areas of intervention.



In the first phase of diagnosis a few areas of intervention were identified:

  • There is strong need for a quality control in order to protect the real art.

  • Since people are not aware of the art form , few strategies for promotion at the state level like involvement of the Airport and Tourist places was recommended. 

  • To popularize among the younger generation, idea of Ganjifa games , stories were suggested 

Future Scope

  • The recommendations handed over to VTPC is a work of research and cluster ecosystem analysis which can further be instrumental in promotion of  the art form.

  • This similar model can be replicated to other clusters as well.

  • Furthermore, the research insights can provide an input for policy changes in the Geographical Indication section.